For our friends from NH

Hi Jenny and Ken,
Nadine told me that you try to follow my blog and have it been translated by google, but it seems not to work very properly. So this is a short blog just for you!!
To summarize the event very briefly:
The organization is great, the parties in Las Palmas were a lot of fun.
The trip is not easy (forget about barefoot route and sayings that the most dangerous part of the journey will be the taxi drivers in Las Palmas).
All of us do not get enough sleep but we have a lot of fun and are in an excellent mood.
Unfortunately we had four days without wind so we need some more time than expected.
This said, everyone on board now will be happy to arrive. ETA is (hopefully) wednesday, Dec 14th in the evening. Nadine shortterm decided to welcome me in St. Lucia and will fly over tomorrow, which was great news. Nearly four weeks of separation is more than we had in all my professional years.
This means too, that all of us four will participate in some carribean ARC parties, have a lot of Rumpunch and make some nice excursions like to fly on 11 zip lines over the canopy of the rainforest, before we will fly back on Dec. 20th. I hope now you are up to date without google!
By the way, I miss Ken in sharing a beer with me over the day and a whisky on my nocturnal vigils 🙂